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Welcome to the Messina Srl Web Site

The Company

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MESSINA S.r.l. began activity in electricity distribution field in 1962.

MESSINA S.r.l. has been a reference point for utilities and private companies in the electrical power distribution field.

Today Messina has developed a wide series of MV switchboards, MV load-break swiches and lv switchboards.

MESSINA S.r.l. is a certificated company by International Certification Network (IQNET) in project and manifacture of switchboards for medium and low voltage, medium voltage equipments, factory built outdoor substations for medium and low voltage.

MESSINA is listed among the qualified companies of Italian electric power company (ENEL) and is privileged supplier of most important companies specialized in construction of electrical plants.

This thanks to a reliable and competitive product.

The MESSINA S.r.l. factory extends on surface of 14.000 square metres and employs:

  • Numeric controlled machinery supporded by CAD-CAM software;
  • Painting plants by automatic robots;
  • Quality control of each phase of process with certificated and celebrated equipments;
  • Testing room and electrical laboratory for all kind of mechanical test required from IEC standards for our switchboards. Particularly we make insulation test with applied high voltage alternating current and atmospheric impulse.